UH-oh! ....The Tower is BAAaaack! 🤯 😳 It appeared in our Daily Reading yesterday. This may be something new, or a continuation of yesterday's sudden change or unexpected circumstances.

The Energy today, from the DAY (17th) is the Eight-Vibration. This has to do with your Goals, especially in regards to abundance and prosperity.

It could be abundance in any area of you life, but is most likely something in regards to your finances, career, business, or related projects....

So, as an example, you've just done a product or course launch. You spent months creating it, getting all prepared, setting up the launch and promotions..... But you didn't hit the numbers you were expecting. 😕  ...In fact, you only made a few sales! 🤯🥺😳 

Now you feel discouraged. You're even ready to give up! ....The Four of Swords says to take a step back, do an analytical assessment, and become unattached emotionally to the situation.

Similar to how the Wheel of Fortune yesterday said take a step back, seek the center of the wheel, the "Eye of The Storm". Ask yourself what went wrong? What can I learn from this, and not repeat next time?

We often talk about getting into the "Feeling Space" of what it is you want to manifest. How will it feel like, when you have achieved your Goal? 

We talk about creating a five-sensory visualization construct of what it will be like (sound like, look like, feel like, smell like, even taste like), so you can bring it into "The Now". This is different....

Here I am talking about your emotional attachment to achieving your Goals. The DATE today reduces first to the Master Builder Number 22, and finally to the Four-Vibration, of Structure, Foundations and Plans (9-17-2021 = 22 = 2 + 2 = 4)....

Create a plan for approaching your Goals, moving forward! Become Unattached in your Goal Achievement! ...Let go of the need to achieve certain "numbers". Let go for the need of approval from others, or even yourself. Perhaps especially yourself!

Ask yourself, what is the valuable lesson learned here (with each success or failure)? What if this lesson is exactly what I need for my business right now!??

How would I react, and what action would I take, if I knew this was just what I needed to lead me to success and fulfillment!?

(The Card Images are from the Radiant Tarot Deck)

Bright Blessings!
~ Dax  💜 😎 ☕



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