The Numerology of today's DATE and DAY bring the Energies of Abundance & Prosperity (9-12-2021 = 17 = 1 + 7 = 8), with Creativity & Communication (12th = 1 + 2 = 3).

You have made practical decisions and methodical progess, says the Knight of Pentacles (coins). Your industriousness and patience has started to pay off.

The Knights represent the Master Build Number 22. Your plans, and sound foundations, are beginning to bring success!

The Six of Wands proclaims Victory! This is literally "The Success Card", and like the Knight of Pents, represents diplomacy, wise decisions, and hard work prevailing.

In your pursuit of abundance & prosperity, the Page of Cups reminds you to not forget to also go after this is ALL the areas of your Life! 

Now that you've made progress, focus on your creativity, and open up to emotional and spiritual growth. Cultivate relationships and artistic endeavors. Be reflective, and tap into your empathic abilities and intuition, as you move forward.

Yes, you are not finished! Don't become complacent in your new-found success. There is more prosperity to come. Trust your intuition and keep your own counsel. Believe in yourself, and your plans. 

You will be tempted to be swayed by what others think at this point. You know what's best for your own success! Make no apologies! ...In fact, you will win admiration for your Confidence and Independence!

(The Card Images are from the Radiant Tarot Deck)

~ Dax  💜 😎 ☕



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