Happy Labor Day!  🇺🇸 ....To all our friends in the U.S.A.! 🇺🇸 It's a day off work for many, and an excellent excuse for Fun, Food, and Family! Got a social gathering or backyard barbecue planned?

This is the perfect day for it! ....Even if it wasn't a holiday. Today is the "6th", bringing with it the Six-VibrationThe Nurturer! ....Harmony and Balance, after the Changes (and possible Chaos) of the Number Five. It is about Hearth & HomeLoveFamily., and also Success! 

The DATE today reduces to the Two-Vibration; Cooperation, Relationships, Partnerships, Balance and Helping Others! 

...Plus the Three of Cups appears in our Daily Reading today; Friendship, Bonding, Happy Celebrations and Fun! ...It brings with it the 3-Energy of Communication and Creativity!

Be creative today in your celebrations, relations with others, and be especially mindful of your communications with everyone.

But wait! The Five of Swords. Trouble in paradise? This is a card of conflict. Swords are the "Air Element"; thoughts & ideas. A battle of minds and wills? It's a card of loss and defeat, as well as victory...

It depends on whether you identify with the figure in the foreground, picking up the swords, or the two figure in the background.

This card is more specifically dealing with the aftermath of a conflict. Sure, you may win... but at what cost? This is why I said, "...be especially mindful of your communications with everyone."

The Magician makes an appearance to remind you, that YOU are ultimately in charge. You have the power to choose how you react and feel in any given situation...

At any any gathering with friends, and especially family, there's a chance of disagreement, but no one can make you feel, or react a certain way.

Be mindful, and take a beat, before you act or say anything today. You may win an argument, but will you be happy?!

Bright Blessings! 💜 😎 ☕
~ Dax



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