Today's DATE reduces to the Nine-Vibration which represents the culmination of Wisdom and Experience. The DAY is the "4th", bringing in the Four-Vibration of Structure...

So how does one attain Wisdom?  ...Sure, wisdom comes with experience, but they also say true Wisdom comes through knowing oneself! 

Looking within is the best way to start knowing oneself. The High Priestess, which appeared in Wednesday's and Thursday's Daily Readings also, speaks to this. 

Wisdom, secret knowledge, intuition and Stillness are all hallmarks of The High Priestess. With this being the third appearance of this card this week, it's a strong indication to spend time looking within this weekend!

The 4-Energy is about plans, foundations and creating structure. This same Energy of the DAY today comes with the Four of Cups! ...Although often meaning apathy, dissatisfaction, feeling suck in a rut, the Four of Cups also can also mean contemplation and meditation.

Creating a practice for yourself of Meditation (structure & foundation) is strongly indicated here, as ALL of the cards in today's Daily Reading have an aspect of this!

Don't worry! ....In a minute I'm going to tell you how to start, the EASY Way!  😎 💜 😉

The 4-Energy appears yet again, in the form of the Four of Swords. This card traditionally indicates a time for a short respite, recharging, letting go, healing, recuperation, even a hospital stay or vacation.

This weekend take a vacation "in your mind"! A meditation practice can open up whole new vistas for you! You will be able to connect with your subconscious, super-conscious, and higher-self.

This will allow you to develop your psychic ability, enhance your intuition and divination, even control your habits, and make changes, take action, towards abundance and prosperity! ....This is the message from the Queen of Cups!

Meditation doesn't have to be difficult, as many think. One doesn't have to spends hours, or even 20 minutes, contemplating one's navel! 🤯 😲 ✨

Start out by just spending some alone-time, in a quiet place, where you won't be disturbed (turn off your phone or notifications!), and just sit with yourself.... ✨ 🧎 

You don't have to put yourself in any "special posture". Just sit, even lay down... Whatever is comfortable for you, is what's important. Not having your hands touch does help the process however.

Start with five minutes. You can gradually increase the time to ten minutes, and then even beyond, if you like. One reason folks seem to have difficulty, staring out, is they assume all meditation must be what's referred to as "No-Mind Meditation".

This is when you "quiet the mind", and clear it of all thoughts. This is difficult at first for most people, especially in todays world! But don't worry, you can do "Mindful Meditation", and you don't have to fight with your thoughts!

Swords represent the Air Element in Tarot, thoughts & ideas. Notice there are four swords on the Four of Swords card, three of which dangle directly over the knight in the image, like the sword of damocles.

The knight is in repose, with his hands clasped together, as if praying or "meditating". His state is almost blissful, and he does not fight with his thoughts (swords). I am not even sure he is aware they are there!

✨ 🧎 As you sit with yourself, thoughts will come into your mind. Just notice them, without judgement. Let them come in, and let them drift out. Don't try to force them out....

They may be pleasant thoughts, or negative ones. Make no judgement. Just acknowldge their existence neutrally. After a while, as you watch your thoughts, you may even begin to become aware of something else. "Hmmmm.... Wait! ...Who is it that is watching the thoughts!?"

It's this realization of "I am not my thoughts", that means you are beginning to be in touch with the super-conscious, and your higher-self, your True-Self!

In time (that's why they call it a "practice") your random thoughts will lessen, and even disappear altogether. But there is NO RUSH here! ....Take your time, and just enjoy the experience!

Bright Blessings! 💜 😎 ☕
~ Dax



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