The Energies today are, from the DATE - the Nine-Vibration, and the DAY - the Five-Vibration. With the 5-Energy comes Change and High-Energy. You can accomplish a lot today, however "5" can spiral-down quickly into Chaos!

In Numerology, Change (and sometimes even Chaos) is necessary, to reach the higher Numbers. The 9-Energy today is about Endings and helping others... Wisdom, and letting go, to prepare for new beginnings.

The Knight of Wands is speaking of following your Passion, so that you are ultimately fulfilled, when creating abundance & prosperity in your life. Wands represent the Fire Element, which is about growth, with dynamic, energetic, passionate, enterprising energies...

Associated with the Master Builder Number 22, the Knight also speaks to developing Plans and creating Foundations. The Page of Swords brings with it the Master Illuminator Number 11... Learning and Teaching...

Swords represent the Air Element, thoughts and ideas, and the Page is discerning, with vision and penetrating insight. He can also represent electronic communications, as well as information systems, computers and data storage.

Both the Knight of Wands and Page of Swords "look to the past", in today's Reading. When trying to develop the aforementioned plans and foundations, we often have difficulty knowing where to Focus

To "Create Your Future" the cards today suggest "Looking to Your Past" for the answers! Our potentials for Life Purpose, and Fulfillment, are actually revealed quite early on!

Before the age of eight, the hints and signs show up. Sometimes we latch right on to something and it becomes a life-long passion, even obsession. For many of us, we don't pursue these interests that show up, and come to them later in life.

Take some quiet-time to yourself today. Close your eyes and look back... What "made your eyes light up" as a kid, say from ages one to seven? There may be several. Start a list....

Include things you really enjoy doing today, as well...! You may notice that some things you enjoy today actually intersect with childhood passions. You may have not noticed this before!

Ponder your List, and think about what area(s) you have a lot of knowledge in, or can acquire (Page of Swords). Now, think of what "problems" exist in these areas, pursuits or passions? How could you "solve" a BIG problem (or problems) for these folks, and therefore "Creat Value"!?

Both the Knight of Wands and Eight of Wands speak of taking action, and acting quickly! Once you realize where you should be putting your Focus, the Eight of Wands suggests things will begin to happen for you, and happen quickly!

The Eight of Wands, like the Page of Swords, can also represent telecommunications, information storage & retrieval, as well as very fast communication, emails, texts, messages, apps, websites and the Internet...

Eight (8) is also the Number of Abundance & Propserity. The Eight of Wands is hinting at your future success here as well...!

(The Card Images are from The Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot deck...) 

Bright Blessings! 💜😎☕  
~ Dax



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