Happy Fathers Day!

Wow, June 20th already! ....When my Birthday (June 16th) rolls around, and Fathers Day, I'm reminded that we're halfway through the Year! It's a great time to assess where we are. Perhaps re-vamp our GOALS for the Year, or double-down on them!

What progress have you made toward the life and business you truly desire? When you think ahead, to the rest of the year, where do you see yourself, in say three months? ....in five or six months?

Where you will be in three, five, six months has a direct correlation to the Thoughts you are having right now! They dictate the actions and choices / decisions you will be making, that ultimately "create" your path ahead...

9117884870?profile=RESIZE_180x180Your Thoughts create your Beliefs, and Beliefs generate Behaviors...

Habits are formed by our subconscious mind, creating pathways in the brain structure, to make things easier. It's supposed to be a "good thing"!

Imagine if you had to "remember" how to tie your shoe laces each time, or even how to walk?

The problem is the subconscious doesn't discriminate. Any thoughts or behaviors, that are constantly repeated, form a habit (remember, the brain & subconscious are trying to make things easier for you and conserve energy).

We have to be Mindful of our Thoughts! If we constantly focus on our lack of progress, think of our Goals as unachievable, or any of a myraid of negative thoughts, we will stay stuck.

However, we can chose to believe our success is inevitable. We can make a "habit" of thoughts like these, chose to take Action, and we can chose to be Decisive!

The #1 common habit among individuals who are successful and abundant in their Lives is that they make decisions quickly! That's what our Tarot Card of The Day is here to remind us - The Page of Swords....

In the Waite/Smith version of the The Page of Swords, (shown here from the Radiant Deck), the page stands on green ground, the color of Growth. His boots and outter grament are crimson-red, the color of Passion.

His leggings and under-tunic are yellow, the color of OptimisimA hit of his white under shirt shows Purity

Birds fly high in the sky, symbols of the element of "Air" and Freedom! The blue sky brings calm and serenity...

Swords in Tarot also represent "Air", and are about Thoughts and Ideas. The Page of Swords is the only Page that is not looking at the object of his suit (sword). This is because he has already made a "decision".....

He is focused on a singular Goal, and his path to achieving it!

The DATE today reduces to "4" (6202021 = 13 = 1 + 3 = 4). The Four-Vibration is about Structure, Foundations and Plans. The DAY, the 20th, reduces to (20 = 2 + 0 = 2) the Two-Vibration of CooperationRelationships, Partnerships, Balance and Helping Others! 

Here at this Year's "Halfway Mark", I challenge you to be "Mindful of Your Thoughts", and to re-assess your Goals. Then, write them down! ...Create a Plan. Focus on your Goals and your Plan, so these Thoughts become habit.

Create the Foundations for your Success now. The Pages in Tarot are associated with the Number "11", The Master Illuminator Number. So assess also your Skills & Abilities. This is  a great time to brush up on or learn new ones!

Bright Blessings!
~ Dax


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