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Yes! You may be feeling the Abundance and Prosperity today! It's double-Eight Energy flowing....

Today both the DAY (26 = 2+6 = 8) and the whole DATE (4+2+6+2+2+1 = 17 = 1+7 = 8) reduce to the "8" Vibration. Eight is from the Business Numbers Sub-Group 2, 4 and 8.

Eight is near the End of the 9-Number Cycle, when Prosperity and Abundance are fully realized! It's a Number of Balance and Harmony, On it's side  Eight is the Infinity Symbol... It shows how there are no "limits" to Abundance

It's "Lack Mentality" that leads folks to believe that there is only so much "in the pie", and they have to get their "slice", which means others get "less"....

In reality, Abundance comes from Energy-Exchange, and Energy is limitless!

Our Tarot Card of The Day (COTD), The Ten of Swords Card, brings with it the One-Vibration!  (10 = 1+0 = 1) ...The Number of Self, Leadership, Confidence, New Beginnings, Possibility, Opportunity, Power, Expression, Being On Stage, Independence, Goal-Oriented, Innovation ...but can be Forceful, Risky, Doubtful.

It's from the Mind Numbers Sub-Group 1, 5 and 7. Swords represent the Air Element, in Tarot, and are about Thoughts and Ideas.

In both the Lllewellyn Deck and Waite/Smith versions of the Card, we see a figure a figure laying face-down, with ten swords. In the Waite/Smith version, the ten swords pierce the figure's back!

Yes, this is one of those "scary" cards in Tarot, that folks don't want to see come up! But looking closer, especially in the Waite/Smith version, there's a lot of positivity!

The figure's yellow tunic and the yellow of the dawn coming up in the background is the color of Optimism!

The red of the figure's cloak symbolizes Passion! The blue of the water is Calming! It represents serenity, stability, inspiration,wisdom and even health!

Ten swords are definitely Overkill...! Do you really need to use ten swords? But looking closer, we see there is no blood in the image. That's because this is all symbolic. Ten (10) actually reduces to One (10 = 1+0 = 1), as I mentioned earlier. In Tarot, the 10-Cards are a special case...

Ten is actually beyond the End of the Cycle. We've gone through 1 - 9, Nine being the actual End of the Cycle, so Ten is that hair breadth moment between the End of the Cycle and the Beginning of the next!

The dark skies are being push away by the dawning of a new day. Folks often miss this detail in the background of the Card, showing that a New Cycle is emerging!

If you are not quite feeling the Abundance & Prosperity, I mentioned in the beginning of this article, you will be shortly! Perhaps even later today, as you begin a whole new cycle!

It's all a matter of Getting out of Your Own Way! Remember, Swords are Thoughts & Ideas, and ten of them are a LOT! But Ten reduces to One - You need to Focus on ONE Idea, ONE Goal!

It also suggests getting out of your head and into your feeling-space. Get back in touch with your emotions and what you are passionate about! If you are having negative emotions and thoughts, step back... Are you actually in that "Lack Mentality" I mentioned earlier?

This is merely a Belief, and like all beliefs that no longer serve us, we can let them go! 

Click on the image below to view the cards larger...8837815255?profile=RESIZE_584x

Bright Blessings!
~ Dax


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