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Today both the DAY-Energy (15 = 1+5 = 6) and the whole DATE-Energy (4+1+5+2+2+1 = 15 = 1+5 = 6) reduce to the "6" Vibration. Six is from the Communication & Creativity Numbers Sub-Group 3, 6 and 9.

Six is a return to Harmony and Balance, after the Changes (and possible Chaos) of the Number Five. It is about Hearth & Home, LoveFamily., and also Success!

Working the Six-Energy in the positive, it can be Romantic, Supportive, and Protective ...but can also be Passive, Self-Sacrificing, and Idealistic. You can make the Choice to work with this Vibration in the positive, to its fullest extent!

Plans created on a Four Day and actuated with the high-energy on a Five Day, are often achieved on a Six Day. This is also true of our Personal Year Cycle as well, with fulfillment coming in a Six Year. Ultimate Abundance, however, is realized in the Eight Year.....

Today's Tarot Card of The Day (COTD), The Lovers Card, also carries with it the Six-Vibration

In the Waite/Smith version of the Card, a woman and man stand next to The Tree of Knowledge and The Tree of Life, both naked, but unashamed. Is this the Garden of Eden?

The Archangel Raphael looms overhead. The woman looks up to the Angel, while the man looks at the woman. The Angel's wings are crimson-red, the color of Passion.

The man represents the physcial world and the rational self, whereas the woman represents emotions and the subconscious. The Angel represents the higher-self and the super-conscious (collective consciousness - The Divine - G.O.D.).

Man's connection with his higher-self and The Divine is through the woman (emotion and the subconscious).

In the Llewellyn Deck version of the Card, two lovers sit in an embrace on a throne, the woman on the man's lap. Behind them is a tapestry with the same Angel from the Waite/Smith version.

Traditionally this is a Card of Love, Harmony and Union. The beginning of a romance, optimism (see the bright yellow of the sun, behind the Angel, in the Waite/Smith version), trust, a meaningful relationship and choices.

8798909661?profile=RESIZE_400xYes Choices! While modern Tarot Decks often depict two lovers, in older versions of Tarot, such as the Jean Noblet Marseille deck (circa 1650), there are three individuals depicted. 

Two woman, one older, one younger, seem to vie for the attention and love of a young man. A choice is inferred.

How is your connection to your emotions and higher-self? Do you have difficulty with truly loving yourself? This is a Choice as well...! 

Achieving your Goals and Abundance & Prosperity in your Life, which we have been talking about these last few days, is reliant on your love for yourself! You have to feel worthy of your Success to realize it! ....Make the Choice, reconnect!

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Bright Blessings!
~ Dax


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