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The Card of The Day & Numerology for January 8th, 2021

8400129658?profile=RESIZE_400xOur Card of The Day (COTD) is The Queen of Pentacles! ....The Penactacle Cards in The Tarot are sometimes called Coins instead.

The Queen of Pentacles has always been The Mom Card to me! She even resembles my own mother, in her younger years!

This card represents a capable, down-to-earth woman. Pentacles are associated with the Element of Earth.

In the traditional Waite/Smith Deck version of the Card (shown here from the Radiant Deck), the Queen sits on a stone throne, surrounded by nature.

She is Nurturing, organized, has a fondness for luxury, a great business-sense, is patient, and known for bringing together of Family....

The Hope & Optimism of Yellow is a big part of the Card. She looks lovingly at the pentacle (coin) in her hands, like as if holding a baby. Her throne is adorned with the rams head, one of natures survivors, able to go where some fear to tread.

She wears a Red & Crimson Dress, the color of Passion, Vitality, Seduction, Adventure, Energy, and Courage. 

Her White tunic symbolizes Purity, and her Green Cape, along with the Green vegetation surrounding her, denotes Growth, Renewal, Harmonization, Health, Balance, Mother Earth, and Good Luck.

A Rabbit scurries through the scene, a symbol of Fertility, Family, New Life, Prosperity, Abundance, and Good Luck.

The DAY is the 8-Energy!  Eight is Abundance and Prosperity, and compliments our COTD. Abundance can flow in for you today, or it can be an indication you are On The Right Track to attain it!

Today's DATE is the5-Energy, Change, High-Energy, Adventure, Chaos. As I mentioned in yesterday's COTD Article, Five is the Adventurous Spirit, Desire to Explore, and necessary Chaos, sometimes needed to Break us Free of the confines of 4-Structure

We need to progress to the higher Numbers. While 4 brings a certain amount of attainment, true Prosperity & Abundance is fully realized with the Number 8! Four can be seen as a Foundation for this, but we often get complacent, and fail to progress beyond this level.

Tap into your Adventurous Spirit today, and strive for more! Explore today! ....Think Outside of The Box! ...With your Plans & Goals for 2021 hopefully in place now, it's time to Think Big! Building on what you have in place now, what can this potentially lead to, later in the Year? 

Bright Blessings, and Happy New Year!
~ Dax


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