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The Card of The Day & Numerology for January 2nd, 2021

Happy New Year - AGAIN! .....Sorry, I am just still so exicited, with all the possibilities that are now unfolding! Just before the New Year we had the last Full Moon of 2020, the Wolf Moon or Good Riddance Moon, and we are still under the feminine influence today, as show by the 2-Energy, of the DAY!

It's a time of Cooperation, Peace and Balance. Relationships and Partnerships. ....and the potential for Abundance, as shown by the 8-Energy of the full DATE! I've said it so much over the last few weeks, that I sound like a broken record, but you Need a Plan!

....The Four of Pentacles (or coins) shows us to work on that Plan now! Four is the Number of Structure, and with The Four of Pents, this comes in the form of Plans and creating a Foundation, especially in regards to your Career and Finances!

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COTD = The Four of Pentacles (Coins)
DATE = 01-02-2021 = 8
DAY = 2

8375771091?profile=RESIZE_400xThe DATE today is the 8-Energy. Eight is Abundance and Prosperity, in all the Areas of your Life! Eight can be seen as Double-Structure, Double 4-Energy, which is represented by our COTD. 

Eight "8" on it's side becomes the Infinity Symbol, so the potential for Prosperity and Abundance is Unlimited!

Eight "8" is also considered a Lucky Number in many asian countries. But, like all of the Numbers, there are two sides to it: On the positive side, we have the Abundance coming in, investments, foundations, material security, etc...

However, on the other side of the Coin, money can slip right through our fingers. So on an "8" Day, Date, World Year, etc. you want to set the Intention to use the Energy in the Positive!

The DAY today is the 2-Energy.  ...Two is about Relationships, Cooperation, Partnerships, Balance, Feminine Energy, Sensitivity, Communication in Partnerships/ Relationships ....and especially bringing all of these qualities back into your Relationships.

The Tarot Card of The Day (COTD) is The Four of Pentacles!  (Sometimes called Coins) ...and Like the "8" in Numerology, The Four of Pents represents Abundance coming in, investments, foundations, plans, financial & material security, groundedness, and enriching your Life!

His cloak (and background and base) is Purple in this Radiant Deck version of the Card. The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple also represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic.

There is Green (growth) in the background. The Yellows represent Optimism, and the Red of his boots and other clothing shows he is following his Passion!

...But, also like the "8", there is a negative side, such as being territorial and Holding On Too Tight! The Structure of Four can actually block The Flow. That's why we need the Chaos, Change, and High-Energy of the 5-Energy to break us free of the Four Structure, so we can get to the higher Numbers ....6, 7. the true Abundance of 8, and final completion of 9......

Bright Blessings, and Happy New Year!
~ Dax


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